Well, Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom and Va Va Voom – you can do this too.


It has come to my attention that a lot of people struggle with writing content.

They don’t know what to write about.

They don’t know how to write it in a way that people enjoy reading.

They don’t know how to tie it into their product or services.

And they certainly don’t know how others, like me, are doing it.

They tell me it doesn’t come natural to them.

They tell me it’s not their sweet spot.

They tell me people don’t care what they have to say.

They tell me all sorts of excuses.

Well, maybe it doesn’t come natural to you, and maybe it isn’t your sweet spot, and maybe people actually don’t care.

I don’t know.

But as with all things, practice makes perfect.

There’s two ways to go about practicing it.

You either do it on your own without getting any valuable feedback.


You seek help from someone who’s already doing it.

If you’re done trying to invent the wheel yourself and if you’re ready to master this writing stuff already, then join the Winning Copy Mastermind TODAY at a verrrrrrryyyyyy special rate (but no postponing here…it’s ONLY valid today!).

xo Melissa


Introducing the: Winning Copy Mastermind

09.28.2014 (2)

Whoever sold them on that limiting thought certainly doesn’t know the effect of mailing your list DAILY, even multiple times a day.


Oh, and with regards to not putting a link in every single one of your email, that’s just a load of horse crap.


Email your list DAILY, try selling something to them DAILY and see ALL your numbers go UP!


Yes, at first you’ll also see your unsubscribe rate go up, but consider that a good thing, since these people are probably not repeat customers anyway.


However, once you’ve said farewell to those that unsubscribe, you’ll be left with a list that DOESN’T have a problem with you emailing them daily.


Not saying that you won’t have any unsubscribers at all from that point on, but it’s going to be less than when you emailed them just a couple of times a week.


Since I’ve dramatically upped the amounts of emails I send out I have more opens, clicks, and sales than I did before.


Yet, the thing that’s most important when emailing daily, is that you make your emails be something your list looks forward to receiving.


Your emails need to be fun, entertaining, different, and of course…of value.


If the idea of emailing daily is something you would like to commit to but you have ZERO idea how to go about it, then join my “Winning Copy Mastermind” where I will teach you all the in’s and out’s you need to know (special entrance offer is only valid until tomorrow at midnight PST time).


Everything you need to know about the mastermind is to be found here:


xo Melissa



Did you know that the headline is one of the most important elements of any written piece? That if your headline is crap, people will scroll right past it? Instead, once you know how to write a good headline, you’re well ahead of the game than most of your competitors? It’s true. In fact, a headline that grabs your reader’s attention can be compared with skating with the sharpest blades versus a blunt pair of skates.
Now let me tell you a story about this guy Scott. Scott was a highly skilled IT professional. A couple of years ago Scott decided to quit his job and instead become a freelancer. He was very optimistic about his new venture.
Of course he knew that there were plenty of fish in the ocean doing the same thing he did, but he didn’t believe in competition. Instead he focused on his own abilities and started reaching out to companies who he believed could profit from his services.
One after the other declined his offer and before he knew it, he was down to his last pennies. Unsure about what to do next, Scott turned to an old friend who was a successful business owner.
This friend felt bad for Scott and offered him to read the letters he was sending out to attract clients. After reading them, his friend knew immediately what Scott’s problem was.
He told Scott to change a few things in his letter and send them out again. Scott followed his friend’s advice. Within a few weeks of sending his newly written letters out, Scott gained 3 new clients.
He has never again experienced the problem of not getting new clients. All because of the tweaks his friend advised him to make in his letter.
That’s the power of copy.
Once you know how to write great copy, selling becomes a whole lot easier.
Unfortunately, most of the people I’ve worked with struggled with this exact thing.
They didn’t know what to post on social media or what to write in their emails.
They felt frustrated, powerless, and desperate.
You should know that I’m by no means a copywriting expert. I don’t have a copywriting degree either. I do have a way with words that I know most people don’t naturally possess. I’ve also educated myself greatly on this topic for my own business and pleasure. And I’ve seen the results I’ve had from studying this art.
I love seeing the results my client’s experience whenever I help them with their copy but I realize this 1:1 setting might not work for everyone, financially or otherwise.
That’s why I’ve created the Winning Copy Mastermind in which I will give you all the tools you need to empower yourself when it comes to copy in your business (special offer valid until tomorrow midnight PST).
More specifically you’ll learn how to:
• Come up with and create powerful and engaging content that will create a loyal following RAPIDLY. The times of you sitting behind your laptop wondering what the hell you’re gonna write about this time are GONE.
• Sell straight from a social media post. Yes. It’s totally possible IF you do it the right way 😉
• Persuade your readers into joining your list. And sweet lord Jesus, not just ALL the people who read your stuff, NO…QUALITY people! People who BUY stuff from you.
• Have those people OPEN your emails. Seems logic, but many a business owner does NOT get this drilled into his or her lovely but stubborn brain as deeply as it should. It’s simple, if they don’t open your emails, you have lost the game BEFORE it even started. Ouchy pouchy!
• Once opened, have those people CLICK on the link and reach for their pocket to give you ALL the dollars.
What this Mastermind will also give you is:
• ONE bi-monthly email clinic. I will do an hourly webinar where I will critique as much emails as I can possibly do written by folks just like you or heck, maybe even YOUR email (no guarantees).
• ONE bi-monthly ad clinic. Just as with the email clinic, I will critique as much copy as I can but in this clinic I will focus on Facebook ads, landing pages, sales pages, and the like.
• ONE monthly guest expert webinar. Don’t be fooled by the term expert, ’cause I know many say they’ll bring “experts”, but then they really don’t. My promise to you is that I’ll bring the best of the BEST on board to let you get a peek inside what it takes to write nothing less than outstanding copy that SELLS.
Having said all of this, I do want to make a point here and explicitly say that this Mastermind is not for everyone.
I’m quite serious about this, too.
For example, if you’re someone who only consumes information but doesn’t take action on it, this isn’t for you.
If you have a hard time seeing past the word “fuck” this Mastermind is also most definitely not for you, since it’s a word I use quite often. Not to provoke a reaction, but simply because the word is something I use a lot in everyday life.
And lastly, if you’re quick to point a finger at someone for your problems, then please don’t bother to join this mastermind. I’m all for taking responsibility for our own life’s journey.
No offense, but if any of the above applies to you, then I’m not the right person for you nor are you the right person for me. I’m sure there’s someone out there who would be more your cup of tea.
If however, you’re still here and interested in joining this Mastermind, you can get the full scoop here:
Looking forward to welcoming you inside the Mastermind! :)
xo Melissa


When I decided to join Dan Meredith​ & Dexter Abraham​ ‘s Platinum Program last year, I was still very much immersed in the online marketing world of the guru’s.

Somehow I thought that being on the forefront of big name (and hype-based) websites, magazines, etc. meant that they must be doing well and that I could learn a shit ton from them.

Not saying this wasn’t or isn’t the case BUT at the same time it’s important to not listen to every fucking guru out there.

Truth is, there are guru’s and then there are GOO-ROO’S (first heard from Ben Settle​).

Guru’s are people who’ve been doing well for a long long time and are TRUE influencers. Take Gary Vaynerchuk​ or Jay Abraham​ for example. No self-glorification or proclaiming anything guru-like.

Then we have the goo-roo’s. It’s not really my style to put examples in here (although ask me in person and I’ll be happy to tell you who I think are full of crap, ha!), so I’m not going to, but I certainly have had my fair share of goo-roo style teaching and I bet you have to.

They teach you stuff that you then implement and then when you tell them their strategy isn’t working out for you, they tell you it’s YOU.

YOU are not doing something good enough or YOU haven’t read that book yet that they recommended or YOU should invest more in yourself and then preferably in another one of their programs. YOU YOU YOU!

Well, to be fair, it could be YOU. However, if it’s YOU + many many other’s in the program, then it’s probably NOT YOU, it’s THEM.

Anyhow and anyway, whether or not it’s YOU or THEM, in the end it will always be YOU, since YOU chose to work with THEM.

I’m all for taking responsibility for our own choices. You should be too.

So my advice to you is to limit yourself to just a couple of people to follow, learn from, buy from, whether it’s a guru (NOT goor-roo!) or someone just a couple of steps ahead of you, like me.

I even dare saying that the latter is probably the one you’re going to learn the most from, since the guru’s have guru amounts of money and can spend as they please on marketing, ads, and the like while the other’s probably have more limited resources.

Vitamin C+ (2)Point being is that instead of you listening to all of these different people and their point of views, limit yourself to just a couple and spend your time more wisely by IMPLEMENTING what they’re teaching you.

That’s when you’ll start seeing changes in every aspect of your life.

If you want to change anything in this new year, let THIS be it!

xo Melissa

P.S. Just one more day before I announce my new program! Exciting times ahead!


WARNING: Don’t read this if you don’t like W.O.R.K.I.N.G.

Value your time. Value your knowledge. Value your service. And most importantly, value your VALUES! (1)The ladies in my challenge are doing an awesome job at keeping up with doing the work.


It seems to me that sometimes people want to take the easy route. To be honest, I would too if it worked that way. (I’m as lazy as one could get.)

Most of the times though it doesn’t.

Take for example last night.

I have pretty tight deadlines for my new program that I’m launching Tuesday, a webinar that I’m hosting on Thursday, creating a new lead magnet (sign up to my list here: www. melissahottinga. com to get in on all of this), finishing up with the challenge and then all of the “every day” stuff in my business, so I worked until 3:30 in the am.

This while my husband and son were already down on one ear.

It’s necessary sometimes. And I’m committed to doing it.

Are you?

‘Cause if you’re not, it’s gonna be a very tough ride and the word “struggle” will be in your head more times than not.

It’s about doing the work NOW that other’s don’t do so you can live the life that other’s won’t.

Simple as that.

No whining, no complaining, just showing up, failing at stuff and then getting up again and trying something new.

I have been beaten down numerous times, but I’ve gotten up again every single time, ready to do whatever it takes.

That my friend is the road to success, in my opinion.

But if you’re not down for that, then you can just dismiss this little Saturday lesson.

But please, do let me know how that works out for ya 😉

Then again, don’t. It’s like the sound of a broken record anyway. Who likes listening to that?

Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to honour my students and praise them for doing whatever it takes to push through. And then I got a little rantsy pantsy :)

So I’ll finish on a more positive note by saying: Enjoy the weekend! 😉

xo Melissa


How to charge high prices with CONFIDENCE


When I first started my business I felt like such a newbie, especially when I started to suffer from comparitis (a severe disease of comparing yourself against those that have been in business for years).

I didn’t feel comfortable charging people high prices for my services or selling them something at all. My bank account showed.

Then when I started surrounding myself with people that were doing well, I felt like I too could make this work. I knew I had value to bring to the market place, so it wasn’t like I was selling people a load of crap.

Now this is the part where you should really pay attention.

I made a deal with myself that as soon as 3 people purchased my first coaching package with me, I would up the price of that specific package with 10%.

Once 3 more people bought it at the new rate, I again would up the price with 10%.

I have quite literally done this every single time with every single package, except for my single sessions (which I’m not even offering anymore at the moment).

This is something you can do for yourself as well when you’re having trouble with:

  1. Putting a price on something.
  2. Having a hard time charging people high prices.

The thing is that once you’ve asked for X price and you’ve received it X times, you’ll feel much more at ease with upping AND charging your new price.

Now that I’ve ventured in a slightly new direction with my business, the results that I can bring into someone’s business are much more tangible.

Not to say that my past coaching clients weren’t having tangible results, but a. it was harder to determine if it was through something *I* coached them on or b. the results in some cases happened a while AFTER our coaching was completed.

Anyway, now that I’m (again) offering my copywriting services, and now in a way that I feel is much more ME, I feel COMPLETELY confident with the prices I’m asking my clients.

I don’t come cheap, but I *know* that my clients will make a return on investment quickly. Some will make 3x a ROI or more so charging them these prices makes complete sense.

Wouldn’t you? For every $100 that you spend with me you would earn $300 in return leaving you with $200 profit. Yes, you would too 😉

Anyway, it’s just to say that whatever price you charge make sure you feel completely confident asking for it and if not, start at a lower price and work your way up by increasing your price systematically.

So, there you have it. I’m off for the weekend with my boys.

One more thing, some people have emailed me asking about my Social Media Content Strategy Session (that’s what I’m calling it for now until I come up with a cuter name) that I emailed you about yesterday. A couple have even bought it.

I’m not sure if I’m going to include these in my standard services, since I’m practically up to my ears in work with clients who have contracted me long-term and some of my own business stuff that I’m working on, but I am offering them NOW, simply because I’m learning what the average Joe and Jane needs and wants + I get to help them and earn a little money “on the side” (win-win I say).

So, if you’ve been thinking about emailing me, I reckon you do so now (you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win by just asking me about it), while the offer is still good.

Talk soon.

xo Melissa



Vitamin C+ (1)A University in Michigan says you don’t need swag to create a little nation. Or better yet, this University is banning the words “swag” and “-nation” from everyday use.
As far as I’m concerned, she’s acting a little silly.
You see, we do need a bit of swaggerization to connect with the right people and create our own little gang (or nation if you will).
If you do, you don’t only CREATE a tribe, nation, gang, crowd, you also ENGAGE them time and time again to a point where they look FORWARD to hearing from you.
Once they’re at that point, selling to them becomes a whole lot easier.
Hey, who doesn’t want that?
It’s about having this skill set (shoot, another banned word) in place that gets people to know, like, and trust you better and faster.
Again, once they do, you “hacked” (you got it right, ANOTHER banned word) them inside your world and they will almost buy anything from you.
Biggest takeaway (damn it, another banned word) here is that you strategically think about the content you put out there, both in your emails and your social media so you create a loyal crowd that’s EAGER to buy from you.
I know a thing or two about creating a loyal AND paying following and I am EAGER to help YOU…at the right price 😉
Send me an email at and I’ll give you the full scoop.
xo Melissa



Let’s get to it right away, ‘cause this stuff is making me BONKERS.

As most, if not all of you know, I’m currently hosting the most amazing challenge I’ve done so far…if I may say so myself.

To be honest, I’ve gotten some pretty good feedback from the challenges as well, so I’m not just saying so, I actually have a bit of proof, yo.

Anyhow, one question in particular seems to be rearing its unlovely head inside the group, being:

HEY YOU!“Shall I add a link in my post when posting in a FB group?”


At least…not straight away.

There’s a couple of reasons WHY you shouldn’t do that.

Here comes a cute little list of bullet points and this is in no way meant to be an exhaustive list, but hopefully it’ll be enough for you to wrap your head around why this may not be the greatest way to promote your business.


  • Promoting yourself in someone else’s FB group WITHOUT their permission is like crashing a wedding. The groom and bride won’t appreciate it nor will any of the guests for creating an awkward situation for their hosts.
  • You aren’t providing VALUE to the people in the group. The ONLY value you’re trying to generate are $$$ in YOUR bank account.
  • You’re not building a relationship with people by straight out asking them to buy something from you. Remember the know, like, trust factor? Yeah, you’re not building those with this tactic.
  • If you do this enough times, people will tune you out whenever they see something of you popping in their newsfeed.


Let me be honest here, I’ve been guilty of this too. I think most of us are, whether we’ve done it with good intentions or not.

Truth is, it simply doesn’t work that way.

You have to actually put effort into making connections, building credibility, and providing value. Once you do this, people are MUCH more likely going to buy from you.

Yes, this takes time, but it’s about having a long-term strategy in place instead of making a quick buck only to find yourself running out of bucks fast.

Having said all of this, if a Facebook group allows you to promote your stuff on a certain day, you can obviously do so. Just make sure to follow the group’s guidelines.

Don’t be surprised though if you don’t get much traction from it when no one in the group knows who you are, what you’re about, and if you’re worth their money.

On the other hand, your personal page and your business page are YOURS. You can and should promote your stuff on there regularly while at the same time engaging your audience.

Dunno how to go about that?

I may have a solution to your needs. Just hold on tight for the next couple of days, as I will reveal this solution to you on Tuesday next week. It’s gonna be fun, different, and above all, VALUABLE!

Curious yet? Can’t wait to hear all about it? Then sign yourself onto my list so you’ll be the first to know and the first one in à

And no, this ain’t no list like all other lists. Better yet, I will PERSONALLY welcome you when you join (not if, just sayin’) 😉

xo Melissa



Since I get all these questions from people, I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a Q&A here, so you get to see the questions being asked as well as my answers to it.

So here goes….part 1! Part 2 of the Q&A session will be crafted in a week or two which leaves room for YOU to send me any and ALL the endearing questions you can think of!

This should be fun! :)

Q: Can I try out your coaching and then pay afterwards?
A: No. I’m running a business, not a charity.

Q: Can you guarantee any results?
A: No. I’ve worked with a lot of different people now and the one thing I learned is that most people don’t actually do the work. If you don’t do the work, you won’t get the results.
If you do the work, you’re WELL ahead of the game, BUT there could be a whole array of factors that might prevent you from getting the results you’re after (inconcistency, lack of resources, mindset bullshit, etc.).

Q: If you could spare a couple of minutes, I would like to know how I can build a responsive list?
A: I can’t give you the full take on what it actually takes to build a quality list in just a couple of minutes.
First of all, you need to WHO you want to attract and KNOW HOW you’re going to attract them as well as HOW you’re going to PERSUADE them into JOINING your list.
Then you need to have a STRATEGY in place as to WHAT you’re going to sell them and HOW.
And I’m not even mentioning the frequency of emailing them, giving them what they want and asked for, etc.

Q: Is copy REALLY that important?
A: In my opinion it’s THE most important thing, since copy is the one thing you need for almost EVERYTHING, whether it’s for the copy on your website, your sales page, your opt-in page, your FB ads, your freemium, your social media posts, and everything else copy related.

Q: Is copy something that I can outsource?
A: Yep. But you wouldn’t want to outsource that UNTIL YOU YOURSELF KNOW how to write fucking great copy. Why? Couple of reasons:

1. Hiring a GOOD copywriter can cost you thousands of dollars.
2. YOU know your audience (or at least you should) better than anyone else.
3. NO ONE can write in YOUR voice, since you’re unique. They can come close to it, yes, but they can’t replace it (not something you would even want, right?).
4. If your copywriter decides to leave you hanging, you’re FUCKED big time, because all of a sudden you have to write your own copy OR you have to find someone who can do a proper job, which a. is gonna take time and b. is going to cost you a whole lot of ka-ching.
5. As my mentor Kat Loterzo once said: you should know how to clean your own toilet, meaning you should know how to do everything in your business yourself, so you can pick it up if needed (related to #4).

Nutshell version:

No, I’m not going to coach you for nada, I can’t give you guarantees and you SHOULD know how to write persuasive copy yourself.

And YES, I can help you with that!

How? Get on my list NOW (here:, because the announcement of HOW I can help you with your copy will be revealed to you in a couple o’ days. And it’s going to be a SWEET deal fo sho.

Get your ass over there!


The ONE mistake even experienced business owners make.

The mistake I’m referring to here is PEOPLE PLEASING.
Let me share with you how I come to this.
Last Monday a group of 18 people joined me in my “Social Media Smart Talking” challenge. (Stay tuned, because something VERY valuable and VERY affordable – VERY! – is just 10 or so day aways from you, but you have to join my list in order for you to see it first).
Today I removed 5 of them, leaving us at 13.
Because they weren’t committed.
How do I know?
They read the excercises (in a small FB group you can still see who has seen the post) but didn’t do them.
Why do I care?
Well, for one I am giving away MASSIVE value and only want to give it to those who actually value it.
Secondly, I’m not doing it to be “liked” or to be “approved of”.
I do it to help them AND me. They’ll learn skills that no one can take away from them, ever. And I’ll learn, by providing this for them, how I can serve my crowd even better.
Far too many times I see people trying to please other people at the expense of themselves.
I used to do this also so I know the expense is high.
Today I don’t really care anymore what they *might* think of me, because I know the right audience will GET it, GET me. I know I don’t have to explain myself ONE BIT to them. They’ll know. They’ll understand.
When I embraced this, everything became so much EASIER, felt so much LIGHTER, more in FLOW, and most importantly more ME.
I’ve never been shy to state my opinion, speak my mind, even when at times I knew there was a certain risk or consequence by doing so. It’s funny how I “separated” myself from what I believe to be a GREAT personality trait when it came to my business.
Vitamin C+I learned through the school of hard knocks that I AM MY BUSINESS.
ONLY the people who like ME AND THE WAY in which I do what I do, will do business with me. The ones that don’t, probably won’t.
I consider that a good thing.
I don’t consider it a lost in sales.
If I would, I know that eventually it’s a lost of who I am as a person.
For me, the bigger picture of this thing we call “life” is to become the person we were meant to be all along.
By having embraced this a while ago, I’m now a step closer to that fuller version of me.
Have to say, it feels PRETTY DANG GOOD!
So, how did I actually get here? You know, the place, where you don’t give much fucks anymore?
Through failure.
Failing at knowing who my “avatar”, “ideal client”, “target market”, whatever you wanna call it, was.
Failing at knowing my VALUE.
Failing at honoring my boundaries.
Failing at ONLY looking at myself instead of comparing myself to others.
Failing at so many damn things.
The lessons that it taught me…priceless.
I would fail at every single one of them again to get to this point.
Ever had someone say to you “everything that you’re experiencing at this moment, is exactly what you need”?
I read this sentence many a time. I believed it. I experienced it and I am still experiencing it.
Will probably keep on experiencing it until the day I’m send to my grave.
You will too.
So no worries, mate.
You’ll experience EXACTLY what’s needed for YOUR life’s process.
Only thing you need to be doing is to keep on doing 😉
xo Melissa