Be the better option


One of my best friends flew in from Tanzania some 2 weeks ago and of course we had to get together and chill, relax, talk, eat, and more of the good stuff.

So, we were sitting at this place on the beach and at one point we were having a pretty important conversation and this fucking annoying coffee machine starts making sounds as if WWIII had started.

I literally had to raise my volume for me to hear myself talking and all heads were turned to said coffee machine. (If only had I recorded the sound, you would know I’m not exaggerating here.)

Seriously, if you’re going to run a restaurant/café/whatever, invest in a coffee machine that actually lets your customers talk while brewing a coffee.

It’s not that hard. Really.

I’ve been in many a restaurant and have never heard a coffee machine that loud.

My point being is that when you run a business, think about ALL the aspects of your business, even the little ones, ‘cause one little thing could literally steer a customer away.

For example, I would never go back to this place for anything business related.

I have other and better options.

Vitamin C+ (4)If your audience has other and BETTER options, believe me when I say they won’t choose YOU to do business with, but the other and better option.

So think about the FEELING you give a POTENTIAL client, the feeling you give a NEW client, the feeling you give a PAST client.

Think about the smoothness of your chosen systems. Can someone easily book a call with you or do they have to email you back and forth? How about the handling of their payment?

Etc. Etc.

It’s all intertwined and an important aspect of your business.

As far as systems go, I’m not the expert. (I do highly recommend Jenny Kuo if you’re in need of someone who can help you set up killer systems.)

But when it comes to copy, I do know a thing or two. Like for example how to turn every experience into effective content for your business, just like I did now with the coffee machine.

I know the importance of good copy in ANY business AND I know how you can IMPROVE your CONVERSION simply by using the power of words.

If this is something that doesn’t come natural to you, no worries, even YOU can learn how to write effectively.

I tell all about the how’s, the what’s and the what not’s in my Winning Copy Mastermind.

Care to join? Interested? Curious to learn more? Head on over here:

xo Melissa


Your business is an extension of yourself.

Vitamin C+ (3)




I wanted it so bad. So fucking bad!


I gave up on other things to make it happen.


Very important things.


Things like my sanity.


My health.


My peace of mind.


My undevoted attention.


All in the name of my business.


Was it worth it?


In hindsight I can tell you it wasn’t.


But back then I thought it was.


I wanted the money. I NEEDED the money.


I told myself that it was just for a short period of time.


I lied to myself.


Have you lied to yourself?


Have you told yourself that once you make X amount per month THEN you will do things differently?


And did you do things differently?


I’ve been caught with a virus for a good 16 days now and yes, thankfully, I feel a little bit better, BUT men…had I have this coming to me!


I’ve been treating my body POORLY.


Always thinking about the “next thing to do”, never thinking about giving my body a break.


My body has been telling me for quite some time now that it has reached its limit.


I ignored her.


I kept telling myself that “later I can take a break, not now”.


Well, my body took a break FOR me.


And I know it’s TIME to change things.


How the hell can I expect to get to a certain “destination” feeling miserable along the road?


Only thing it guarantees me is that I’ll probably even feel MORE miserable once I reach that “destination”.


So, having said all that, I know I need to change bad habits and create better routines.


But I know I’m not the only one.


I know there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that do the same.


They push, push, push, until they can’t push no more.


It’s kinda like an “all or nothing” thing.


But I also know of entrepreneurs who seem to have much more “balance” so I know it’s possible.


I think it boils down to how bad you REALLY want it.


And even though I REALLY want to experience an unlimited success in my business, I want to experience it in GREAT health, peace of mind, a flexible and lean body and with a family behind me that didn’t get to suffer the least bit.


I owe it to them. I owe it to myself.


So, if you’re in the same boat as I am with regards to the “all or nothing” thing, I want to extend my hand to you and say that there’s a different way. Although I have yet to uncover it, I know there is.


You know it too.


Let’s start doing things differently.


You’re not alone at this.


You can do this. And I can too.


Much love.


xo Melissa