When I first started my business I felt like such a newbie, especially when I started to suffer from comparitis (a severe disease of comparing yourself against those that have been in business for years).

I didn’t feel comfortable charging people high prices for my services or selling them something at all. My bank account showed.

Then when I started surrounding myself with people that were doing well, I felt like I too could make this work. I knew I had value to bring to the market place, so it wasn’t like I was selling people a load of crap.

Now this is the part where you should really pay attention.

I made a deal with myself that as soon as 3 people purchased my first coaching package with me, I would up the price of that specific package with 10%.

Once 3 more people bought it at the new rate, I again would up the price with 10%.

I have quite literally done this every single time with every single package, except for my single sessions (which I’m not even offering anymore at the moment).

This is something you can do for yourself as well when you’re having trouble with:

  1. Putting a price on something.
  2. Having a hard time charging people high prices.

The thing is that once you’ve asked for X price and you’ve received it X times, you’ll feel much more at ease with upping AND charging your new price.

Now that I’ve ventured in a slightly new direction with my business, the results that I can bring into someone’s business are much more tangible.

Not to say that my past coaching clients weren’t having tangible results, but a. it was harder to determine if it was through something *I* coached them on or b. the results in some cases happened a while AFTER our coaching was completed.

Anyway, now that I’m (again) offering my copywriting services, and now in a way that I feel is much more ME, I feel COMPLETELY confident with the prices I’m asking my clients.

I don’t come cheap, but I *know* that my clients will make a return on investment quickly. Some will make 3x a ROI or more so charging them these prices makes complete sense.

Wouldn’t you? For every $100 that you spend with me you would earn $300 in return leaving you with $200 profit. Yes, you would too 😉

Anyway, it’s just to say that whatever price you charge make sure you feel completely confident asking for it and if not, start at a lower price and work your way up by increasing your price systematically.

So, there you have it. I’m off for the weekend with my boys.

One more thing, some people have emailed me asking about my Social Media Content Strategy Session (that’s what I’m calling it for now until I come up with a cuter name) that I emailed you about yesterday. A couple have even bought it.

I’m not sure if I’m going to include these in my standard services, since I’m practically up to my ears in work with clients who have contracted me long-term and some of my own business stuff that I’m working on, but I am offering them NOW, simply because I’m learning what the average Joe and Jane needs and wants + I get to help them and earn a little money “on the side” (win-win I say).

So, if you’ve been thinking about emailing me, I reckon you do so now (you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win by just asking me about it), while the offer is still good.

Talk soon.

xo Melissa