Vitamin C+ (1)A University in Michigan says you don’t need swag to create a little nation. Or better yet, this University is banning the words “swag” and “-nation” from everyday use.
As far as I’m concerned, she’s acting a little silly.
You see, we do need a bit of swaggerization to connect with the right people and create our own little gang (or nation if you will).
If you do, you don’t only CREATE a tribe, nation, gang, crowd, you also ENGAGE them time and time again to a point where they look FORWARD to hearing from you.
Once they’re at that point, selling to them becomes a whole lot easier.
Hey, who doesn’t want that?
It’s about having this skill set (shoot, another banned word) in place that gets people to know, like, and trust you better and faster.
Again, once they do, you “hacked” (you got it right, ANOTHER banned word) them inside your world and they will almost buy anything from you.
Biggest takeaway (damn it, another banned word) here is that you strategically think about the content you put out there, both in your emails and your social media so you create a loyal crowd that’s EAGER to buy from you.
I know a thing or two about creating a loyal AND paying following and I am EAGER to help YOU…at the right price 😉
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xo Melissa