09.28.2014 (2)

Whoever sold them on that limiting thought certainly doesn’t know the effect of mailing your list DAILY, even multiple times a day.


Oh, and with regards to not putting a link in every single one of your email, that’s just a load of horse crap.


Email your list DAILY, try selling something to them DAILY and see ALL your numbers go UP!


Yes, at first you’ll also see your unsubscribe rate go up, but consider that a good thing, since these people are probably not repeat customers anyway.


However, once you’ve said farewell to those that unsubscribe, you’ll be left with a list that DOESN’T have a problem with you emailing them daily.


Not saying that you won’t have any unsubscribers at all from that point on, but it’s going to be less than when you emailed them just a couple of times a week.


Since I’ve dramatically upped the amounts of emails I send out I have more opens, clicks, and sales than I did before.


Yet, the thing that’s most important when emailing daily, is that you make your emails be something your list looks forward to receiving.


Your emails need to be fun, entertaining, different, and of course…of value.


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xo Melissa