When I decided to join Dan Meredith​ & Dexter Abraham​ ‘s Platinum Program last year, I was still very much immersed in the online marketing world of the guru’s.

Somehow I thought that being on the forefront of big name (and hype-based) websites, magazines, etc. meant that they must be doing well and that I could learn a shit ton from them.

Not saying this wasn’t or isn’t the case BUT at the same time it’s important to not listen to every fucking guru out there.

Truth is, there are guru’s and then there are GOO-ROO’S (first heard from Ben Settle​).

Guru’s are people who’ve been doing well for a long long time and are TRUE influencers. Take Gary Vaynerchuk​ or Jay Abraham​ for example. No self-glorification or proclaiming anything guru-like.

Then we have the goo-roo’s. It’s not really my style to put examples in here (although ask me in person and I’ll be happy to tell you who I think are full of crap, ha!), so I’m not going to, but I certainly have had my fair share of goo-roo style teaching and I bet you have to.

They teach you stuff that you then implement and then when you tell them their strategy isn’t working out for you, they tell you it’s YOU.

YOU are not doing something good enough or YOU haven’t read that book yet that they recommended or YOU should invest more in yourself and then preferably in another one of their programs. YOU YOU YOU!

Well, to be fair, it could be YOU. However, if it’s YOU + many many other’s in the program, then it’s probably NOT YOU, it’s THEM.

Anyhow and anyway, whether or not it’s YOU or THEM, in the end it will always be YOU, since YOU chose to work with THEM.

I’m all for taking responsibility for our own choices. You should be too.

So my advice to you is to limit yourself to just a couple of people to follow, learn from, buy from, whether it’s a guru (NOT goor-roo!) or someone just a couple of steps ahead of you, like me.

I even dare saying that the latter is probably the one you’re going to learn the most from, since the guru’s have guru amounts of money and can spend as they please on marketing, ads, and the like while the other’s probably have more limited resources.

Vitamin C+ (2)Point being is that instead of you listening to all of these different people and their point of views, limit yourself to just a couple and spend your time more wisely by IMPLEMENTING what they’re teaching you.

That’s when you’ll start seeing changes in every aspect of your life.

If you want to change anything in this new year, let THIS be it!

xo Melissa

P.S. Just one more day before I announce my new program! Exciting times ahead!