Did you know that the headline is one of the most important elements of any written piece? That if your headline is crap, people will scroll right past it? Instead, once you know how to write a good headline, you’re well ahead of the game than most of your competitors? It’s true. In fact, a headline that grabs your reader’s attention can be compared with skating with the sharpest blades versus a blunt pair of skates.
Now let me tell you a story about this guy Scott. Scott was a highly skilled IT professional. A couple of years ago Scott decided to quit his job and instead become a freelancer. He was very optimistic about his new venture.
Of course he knew that there were plenty of fish in the ocean doing the same thing he did, but he didn’t believe in competition. Instead he focused on his own abilities and started reaching out to companies who he believed could profit from his services.
One after the other declined his offer and before he knew it, he was down to his last pennies. Unsure about what to do next, Scott turned to an old friend who was a successful business owner.
This friend felt bad for Scott and offered him to read the letters he was sending out to attract clients. After reading them, his friend knew immediately what Scott’s problem was.
He told Scott to change a few things in his letter and send them out again. Scott followed his friend’s advice. Within a few weeks of sending his newly written letters out, Scott gained 3 new clients.
He has never again experienced the problem of not getting new clients. All because of the tweaks his friend advised him to make in his letter.
That’s the power of copy.
Once you know how to write great copy, selling becomes a whole lot easier.
Unfortunately, most of the people I’ve worked with struggled with this exact thing.
They didn’t know what to post on social media or what to write in their emails.
They felt frustrated, powerless, and desperate.
You should know that I’m by no means a copywriting expert. I don’t have a copywriting degree either. I do have a way with words that I know most people don’t naturally possess. I’ve also educated myself greatly on this topic for my own business and pleasure. And I’ve seen the results I’ve had from studying this art.
I love seeing the results my client’s experience whenever I help them with their copy but I realize this 1:1 setting might not work for everyone, financially or otherwise.
That’s why I’ve created the Winning Copy Mastermind in which I will give you all the tools you need to empower yourself when it comes to copy in your business (special offer valid until tomorrow midnight PST).
More specifically you’ll learn how to:
• Come up with and create powerful and engaging content that will create a loyal following RAPIDLY. The times of you sitting behind your laptop wondering what the hell you’re gonna write about this time are GONE.
• Sell straight from a social media post. Yes. It’s totally possible IF you do it the right way 😉
• Persuade your readers into joining your list. And sweet lord Jesus, not just ALL the people who read your stuff, NO…QUALITY people! People who BUY stuff from you.
• Have those people OPEN your emails. Seems logic, but many a business owner does NOT get this drilled into his or her lovely but stubborn brain as deeply as it should. It’s simple, if they don’t open your emails, you have lost the game BEFORE it even started. Ouchy pouchy!
• Once opened, have those people CLICK on the link and reach for their pocket to give you ALL the dollars.
What this Mastermind will also give you is:
• ONE bi-monthly email clinic. I will do an hourly webinar where I will critique as much emails as I can possibly do written by folks just like you or heck, maybe even YOUR email (no guarantees).
• ONE bi-monthly ad clinic. Just as with the email clinic, I will critique as much copy as I can but in this clinic I will focus on Facebook ads, landing pages, sales pages, and the like.
• ONE monthly guest expert webinar. Don’t be fooled by the term expert, ’cause I know many say they’ll bring “experts”, but then they really don’t. My promise to you is that I’ll bring the best of the BEST on board to let you get a peek inside what it takes to write nothing less than outstanding copy that SELLS.
Having said all of this, I do want to make a point here and explicitly say that this Mastermind is not for everyone.
I’m quite serious about this, too.
For example, if you’re someone who only consumes information but doesn’t take action on it, this isn’t for you.
If you have a hard time seeing past the word “fuck” this Mastermind is also most definitely not for you, since it’s a word I use quite often. Not to provoke a reaction, but simply because the word is something I use a lot in everyday life.
And lastly, if you’re quick to point a finger at someone for your problems, then please don’t bother to join this mastermind. I’m all for taking responsibility for our own life’s journey.
No offense, but if any of the above applies to you, then I’m not the right person for you nor are you the right person for me. I’m sure there’s someone out there who would be more your cup of tea.
If however, you’re still here and interested in joining this Mastermind, you can get the full scoop here: www.melissahottinga.com/winning-copy-mastermind
Looking forward to welcoming you inside the Mastermind! :)
xo Melissa