Value your time. Value your knowledge. Value your service. And most importantly, value your VALUES! (1)The ladies in my challenge are doing an awesome job at keeping up with doing the work.


It seems to me that sometimes people want to take the easy route. To be honest, I would too if it worked that way. (I’m as lazy as one could get.)

Most of the times though it doesn’t.

Take for example last night.

I have pretty tight deadlines for my new program that I’m launching Tuesday, a webinar that I’m hosting on Thursday, creating a new lead magnet (sign up to my list here: www. melissahottinga. com to get in on all of this), finishing up with the challenge and then all of the “every day” stuff in my business, so I worked until 3:30 in the am.

This while my husband and son were already down on one ear.

It’s necessary sometimes. And I’m committed to doing it.

Are you?

‘Cause if you’re not, it’s gonna be a very tough ride and the word “struggle” will be in your head more times than not.

It’s about doing the work NOW that other’s don’t do so you can live the life that other’s won’t.

Simple as that.

No whining, no complaining, just showing up, failing at stuff and then getting up again and trying something new.

I have been beaten down numerous times, but I’ve gotten up again every single time, ready to do whatever it takes.

That my friend is the road to success, in my opinion.

But if you’re not down for that, then you can just dismiss this little Saturday lesson.

But please, do let me know how that works out for ya 😉

Then again, don’t. It’s like the sound of a broken record anyway. Who likes listening to that?

Anyway, I just wanted to take the time to honour my students and praise them for doing whatever it takes to push through. And then I got a little rantsy pantsy :)

So I’ll finish on a more positive note by saying: Enjoy the weekend! 😉

xo Melissa